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Welcome to Bill Endres' website. Bill is a professor at the University of Kentucky, specializing in digital humanities, visual  rhetoric, and Insular illuminated manuscripts.

Exhibits of the St Chad Gospels:

The British Library, London (19 Oct. 2018 - 19 Feb. 2019) - In case you missed it: Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms, edited by Claire Breary
The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford (19 Oct. 2017 - 18 Feb. 2018) - In case you missed it: Imaging the Divine

Don't miss:
Interactive 3D renderings of St Chad Gospels
Interactive RTI renderings of St Chad Gospels (control over lighting for viewing surface details)

The St Chad Gospels: Reflectance Transformation Imaging and Dry-Point Glosses
The St Chad Gospels: Potentials for 3D in Manuscript Studies

Of Possible Interest:
Historical Image Overlays - Invited Piece for D-Lib Magazine
Reflectance Transformation Imaging of the St Chad Gospels - Lexington Herald-Leader
Interview about digital efforts at Lichfield Cathedral - WUKY

Online Academic Articles:
Imaging Sacred Artifacts: Ethics and the Digitizing of Lichfield Cathedral's St Chad Gospels - Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture 3:3 (2014)
More than Meets the Eye: Going 3D with an Early Medieval Manuscript - Proceedings of the Digital Humanities Congress 2012


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Insular Illuminated Manuscripts

Link to Insular illuminated manuscripts

Insular illuminated manuscripts, made in the British Isles from roughly 550-850 C.E., offer us some of the most stunning surviving examples of medieval art and expression of faith. These manuscripts, inspired by Mediterranean Christian culture, largely combine Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, and Pictish artistics traditions to generate their breathtaking results.

This image is from the cross-carpet page of the St Chad Gospels, housed in Lichfield Cathedral, UK.


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Digital Humanities - Sites

Link to digital humanities sites

Listed are some digital humanities sites that I find of particular interest. At one time, a scholar could keep track of all of the digital humanities sites on the Web, much like websurfers at one time could keep track of all the blogs or even websites in these technologies' early days. But no longer. The digital humanities is experiencing tremendous growth, with scholars taking advantage of technologies to open new vistas of knowledge and digitally preserve and generate access to materials in ways never before possible.

Just as astounding is the collaborative nature of this work, which breaks scholars out of the silos of their disciplines, universities, and cultures and allows for inventive solutions and avenues to knowledge otherwise impossible to achieve.


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Digital Humanities - Tools

Link to digital humanities tools

Developing good technological tools for scholars of the digital humanities is a challenge, one not unlike that of developing good tools for businesses or consumers. Listed are some of the tools that I use and others that are in various stages of development. Also, I include some general resources that I've found helpful.


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